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Exciting Times at Olympian Productions

Exciting Times at Olympian Productions

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Olympian Productions.
Firstly – Our Luton Fleadh Fiesta was shown on a 30 minute documentary on Sky 191 for a program called ‘Out and About’ produced by Irish TV. We are really happy about how the festival was portrayed. It was a really fun day with a great vibe and everyone commented on how the atmosphere was brilliant. We had around 1,500 people attend and more than 10 acts and artists entertaining for us all 10 hours. We are really happy with the results and it was considered a cultural and musical success for Luton. More than anything, we hope we can do it again next year! We will let you know shortly where you can get this show on Catch UP.
Secondly, I (Kerrie) gave a talk to the Media students at the University yesterday. It was a talk about my journey through Uni and how tough it was when I lost my 19 year old brother in a car crash during my first month there on Halloween 1998. Yes, it was tough, in fact it was horrendous. But I picked myself up and carried on. Life since then has had many twists and turns with ups and downs, but I have been lucky enough to have some amazing jobs with some amazing people, doing interesting things. For me, life isn’t about the destination, but about the journey too. Although that said, you must have goals and plans too and chip away at your dream each and every week. I talked to nearly 100 students and staff and to be honest I was terrified. But once I realised they were all listening to my real-life story and that bad things don’t have to hold you down, they relaxed and so did I.
The creative world is not always easy to work in and I’ve had my share of crazy, badly paid jobs, but if you get on purpose and literally ask the universe for what you want. Slowly it begins flowing. That plus action of course!
I am grateful to Professor Karen Randell and Media Junction for inviting me in and to the students who listened and welcomed me, I look forward to seeing you all again. Good luck to you all!


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Kerrie Duggan

October 2nd, 2014

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